• Our Covid-19 support

The London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust has faced the biggest ever challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic and LNWH Charity the Trust’s official charity responded to the needs of the Trust at the time and to date, by providing support to staff and patients at the Trust.

At the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 our charity set up a COVID-19 fundraising appeal, specifically to generate funds for the wellbeing of the staff at LNWH NHS Trust. To date we have managed to raise more than £650,000 to support Trust staff.

How we are helping to make a difference

Our COVID-19 staff wellbeing appeal fund has so far been used to support many of the Trust’s wellbeing initiatives that assist with physical, emotional and general wellbeing of the staff. Working in partnership, community donations to our COVID-19 Appeal Fund secured several pieces of life-saving equipment to support the Trusts Emergency and Critical Care ITU services during the heightened stages of the pandemic. NHS Charities Together, the national charity partner of the NHS, provided support to the wellbeing and emotional needs of NHS staff and patients by way of releasing grants from the public donations they received to NHS charities. The grants LNWH charity received from NHS Charities Together were used to support a variety of Trust’s staff wellbeing initiatives including care packs for staff and training relating to the impact of COVID-19.

Take a look at our latest Annual report 2020/21 for further information on how we made a difference with your help.

Aligned with the Trust’s strategic goals for health and wellbeing, our future COVID-19 appeal funding projects include supporting the holistic the needs of LNWH staff as part of the Trusts post COVID-19 recovery programme, by resourcing the Trust’s Occupational Health Department’s staff MOT programme. The MOT programme looks at an individual’s Biopsychosocial screening such as mental health screening, cardiovascular risk factor screening and body composition tests and sign posting staff to specialist support on result of those screenings. Our charity will continue to support the Trust’s Live Well Work Well initiative by funding Healthy Lifestyle Awareness days and staff access to psychological and emotional support.

The winter period this year will be tough going for our Trust and the pandemic will create additional pressures. Thanks to you LNWH Charity is able to support our staff’s well wellbeing and ensure that they feel valued and appreciated for the incredible amount of hard work that they do.

Our hospitals are navigating new challenges every day to provide the best care throughout Brent, Ealing and Harrow. Please consider supporting us today.

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