Reports and Financial Statements

Read our latest Annual Report to find out more about how we have continued our work to advance innovation and excellence at our hospitals, support NHS staff and improve the overall patient experience.

Each year we publish an Annual Report highlighting key areas of our work and the impact that has had on the hospitals and patients we support. As we look back over the 2019/20 financial year, we feel a great sense of pride in knowing that LNWH Charity is a truly proactive charity that effectively rose to the challenge

Our Impact Report and Consolidated Fiancial Reports include information about fundraising highlights; the administration of the charity work we do; the structure, management and governance of our funds; the strategic objectives; finances and future plans.

You can download copies of our Impact Report and Consolidated Financial Reports below.

Annual Report for FY 2018-19 can be found below.

Download LNWH Charity's Impact Report 2018-2019