• Donations through third-party campaigns

Want to donate to third-party campaigns to help us? Read this first!

In the last year, many of our supporters stepped up to donate to us. While most contributed directly, some chose to support us through crowdfunding campaigns set up by friends, family or sometimes, even third-party individuals.

We recommend you carry out all possible due diligence checks before you donate to an individual who is not a part of LNWH Charity. LNWH Charity is in no way responsible for the credibility of personal crowdfunding campaigns and cannot be held responsible for ensuring that those funds reach us and are properly used or adequately protected.

To be safe, donate to our COVID-19 appeal . Your donation goes further when you give to us directly as we save on processing fees. If you still want to support a third-party fundraiser, here are some things to keep in mind so you and your donations are safe:

- Consider giving to people you know. Donating to campaigns to help your family or friends increases the chances of your money being utilised for its intended purpose.

- Don't be the first to give. A campaign inspired you to donate? Wait for a few donations or comments from others. If you don't know the person and there are a few or no donations or comments, give here instead!

- Ask questions. In case of any questions, email or call the fundraiser to learn more about their activity and their plans to handover the funding to us. If you have any concerns about whether a campaign is genuine, you should report this to the online fundraising platform directly through their complaints process.