Charity funding helps to transform Ealing Faith Rooms

Ealing Faith Rooms are based at Ealing Hospital and offer staff and patients of all faiths a peaceful environment to pray and reflect.

The Faith Rooms were in need of some modernisation for several years and looked neglected. The carpets were old and worn, painting needed to be refreshed and the venetian blinds were broken.

Before refurbishment was carried out, people had to walk through the multi faith prayer room to gain access to the chapel, which made them feel like they were intruding on those who were praying or seeking some quiet time.

Reverend Julia Bevis-Knowles, who is the Chaplain at Ealing Hospital, said:

“The Faith Rooms were looking really run down, so Reverend David Byrne and myself came up with some ideas for improvement, to make the Faith Rooms more welcoming and comfortable for the staff and patients who need to use them.”

They approached LNWH charity to provide funding to replace the furniture in the chapel at Ealing Faith Rooms and were given £6000, which enabled an Altar table, decorative Lectern, Credance table and a St Cuthbert’s professional chair to be purchased.

As well as the new furniture, the Faith Rooms now have a new door and corridor system, so that people can enter the chapel without disturbing others. The whole area now has new wooden flooring and the walls have been painted in a light colour, creating a more open and calm environment.

“It’s really important that we create a comfortable atmosphere for staff and patients in the prayer rooms and the funding received from LNWH charity has enabled this to happen.

I would like to thank the charity for making the refurbishment possible.”

Lead Chaplain, Reverend Dave Byrne

“The recent refurbishment and renovations has really transformed the Faith Rooms and people have commented on how beautiful those areas look. The refurbishment is also really appreciated by the staff as they feel that the chapel and prayer spaces are light, clean, peaceful, calm and welcoming.”

Reverend Julia Bevis-Knowles