Reclining Feeding Chairs

Charitable donations are being used to purchase four specialised reclining feeding chairs for the Neonatal Ward at Northwick Park Hospital (NPH).

Premature babies are in danger of not developing that crucial early stages of parental bonding as they are usually separated from their parents and placed in incubators. At the same time, the mother can feel scared and overwhelmed from the physical and psychological effects of post-birth.

These special chairs will be used to encourage vital skin-to-skin contact between a parent and their premature baby, making it possible for parents to hold their babies in a safe and comfortable way, even with all the tubes and wires needed for their treatment. This way, the mother and/or father will be able to spend some much-needed relaxing and quality time with their child, something that is vitally important for the overall development of premature babies.

Due to the recliner function, the chairs also help take pressure off the mother’s stomach – especially useful for mothers who have undergone a caesarean birth. In addition, the chairs can make a big difference to mothers trying to breastfeed as skin-to-skin contact helps mothers produce the hormones prolactin and oxytocin, which aid the production of breast milk.

"What we want is for parents to be able to be more involved in caring and comforting their infants, despite the babies often being unwell. These chairs help break down barriers between the babies and their parents as they allow some ‘personal space’ away from the incubators."

Gene Taylor, Matron for the Neonatal Unit at NPH