Meet LNWH Charity's poster star Ruth

May 08, 2019

Ruth Teshome, Clinical Nurse Manager of Gray Ward at Northwick Park Hospital, can now add another bow to her already impressive CV after being featured on LNWH Charity’s first ever promotional material.

Ruth can be seen smiling, as she looks after a patient, on a range of posters, leaflets and pull-up banners around Ealing, Northwick Park and Central Middlesex Hospitals, promoting LNWH Charity in its official role of supporting patients and staff of LNWUH NHS Trust.

Born in Ethiopia, Ruth and her family moved to Sweden in 1994 – a country she described as ‘beautiful, but cold’ – before settling in the UK in 2002, where she started on a medical career that brought her to Northwick Park Hospital.

Ruth’s ambition to become a surgical nurse was fueled following a 2 month placement on Gray Ward as a second year nursing student. Following her registration in 2012 she chose to return to the ward and in the past 7 years has been able to fulfill her passion for helping people with an equally strong drive to become an expert in the field of surgical nursing.

“Gray Ward has given me the opportunity to look after people, work alongside amazing colleagues and develop my career. I’ve never wanted to be anywhere else.”

Ruth was approached to have her photo taken by the Trust Communications Team and her images were chosen by LNWH Charity as perfect examples of the care and compassion shown by our nursing staff and health care professionals.

“It was great to be able to help our charity, though a little strange seeing my picture all around the hospital. I’m still getting used to it!”

If you would like to support Ruth and her colleagues on Gray Ward, or any of our other wards or services, please click on the donate button where you can leave a message as well as direct your gift to a specific ward or department of LNWUH NHS Trust.

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