​Amazing donation from local Oshwal Association

Jun 20, 2019

The Oshwal Association of the U.K. (OAUK) North West Area, a branch of the U.K.’s largest Jain organisation, has donated an amazing £13,925 to fund new equipment at Northwick Park Hospital’s (NPH) renal unit, following a successful grant proposal by LNWH Charity. OAUK’s generous donation will be used to purchase a brand new haemodialysis machine and treatment chair.

The Renal Unit at NPH provides specialist nephrology and pre-dialysis care for patients with kidney disease, some of whom go on to require dialysis, a lifesaving treatment which removes waste products and excess fluid from the blood. Currently, over 300 people visit the Unit three times every week for their dialysis.

Representing OAUK were Mr Kaushik Narshi Shah (Honorary Vice-President), Mr Nilesh Dhanraj Shah (North West Chairman & Ekta Centre Property Management), Mr Jayu Mohanlal Shah (North West Area Committee Member), along with six other Trustees and Committee members.

They were welcomed by renal consultants Dr Neill Duncan and Dr Megan Griffith, Head Nurse Claire Edwards and Administrators Pragna Shah and her sister, Charulata, before being given a tour of the Unit and meeting some of the patients.

Mr Nilesh Shah explained: “OAUK North West Area is the largest branch of the Oshwal Association and a very significant proportion of its members reside in the catchment area of the Northwick Park Hospital. We are aware of numerous patients within our own community who are undergoing some form of renal treatment or another including dialysis so we understand the need for provisions of specialist equipment.

Therefore, the Area Committee, together with the support of the Trustees of the Oshwal Association, took on the task of raising money for the dialysis machine and the treatment chair when it was approached by the LNWH Charity. We are extremely thankful to all our very generous donors who have wholeheartedly supported this very noble and worthy cause.”

Mr Jayu Shah worked closely with LNWH Charity and was instrumental in OAUK’s decision to support this project. He states that:

“In adherence to our Jain principles of reverence of life as well as compassion, OAUK have donated generously towards the raising of funds for a Dialysis Machine and Treatment Chair for Renal unit at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow.”

Megan Griffith, one of the renal consultants at Northwick Park Hospital expressed her gratitude saying:

Northwick Park Hospital Dialysis Unit provides lifesaving treatment to local people with kidney failure; we are delighted to receive this very generous donation from the Oshwal Association of the U.K. and the Area Committee. This will help us to continue to expand to provide dialysis for more patients close to their homes.’

NPH’s Renal Unit is the largest in West London, in part due to Harrow experiencing a steady rise in the number of people requiring dialysis. The wonderful donation by OAUK North West Area will help the renal team continue to provide exceptional care to their dialysis patients now and in the future.

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