Donations create ‘shockwaves’ for our physios

Aug 22, 2019

Physiotherapists at Northwick Park Hospital have been trialing a new piece of charity-funded technology believed to speed up the tendon healing process for some patients undergoing intensive rehabilitation.

Shockwave therapy uses pulses of acoustic energy targeted to areas of tendon tissue damage, causing localized micro-trauma that stimulates the body’s natural healing processes including stimulating new nerve cell growth and increasing blood flow.

For Physiotherapist Andre Nolan, shockwave therapy adds a new dimension to the treatments they can offer their patients. He explains:

“As therapists we get to know our patients and identify exactly what their injury is so we can provide the most appropriate and effective treatment, often creating rehabilitation exercises that fit into a person’s lifestyle. Shockwave therapy offers us the opportunity to complement those exercises by speeding up the healing process during the limited sessions we have with our patients’.

Andre, and his team, including Karsh Patel, pictured with the shockwave machine above, are always busy, providing bespoke rehabilitation programmes to a varied group that includes trauma survivors, post-surgical patients and people suffering from repetitive strain injuries.

The team are trained to assess individual injuries and create self-managing therapy programmes that will improve the patient’s condition. For the right people, the shockwave machine adds a different dimension, complementing the more traditional treatments involving weights and gym equipment, which often has been brought through the team’s charitable fund.

Andre explains: ‘Through donations we have been able to purchase additional equipment to improve our service so that patients don’t have to seek treatments elsewhere. We can provide a wide variety of rehabilitation techniques in-house – which is much better for both our patients and our staff”.

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