Bringing ‘JOY’ to Elgar Ward

Nov 19, 2019

Following their incredibly generous donation of £20,433 earlier this year, three Trustees from The Joy Family Charitable Trust (TJFCT) visited our infectious diseases unit, Elgar Ward, at Northwick Park Hospital, to see first-hand the tangible difference their amazing support has made.

Edward, Andrew and Caroline toured some of the 15 isolation rooms located on the Ward and learnt how patients, many of them over 80 years of age, can spend months in the sparsely furnished rooms as they recover from serious illnesses such as tuberculosis.

The Trustees were keen to alleviate some of the negative effects of long-term isolation and encourage stimulation, which has been shown to improve the healing process. To achieve this, a portion of their gift was used to purchase televisions for each room, allowing patients like Mrs Al-Makhadi to watch her favourite programmes free of charge, something she was very happy with.

Since the Televisions were installed, patients, their families and members of staff have noticed some real positive changes on the Ward. Matron Cindy Marudamuthu explained:

“This amazing generosity has fulfilled the dream of this unit in providing our patients some relief and company while being in clinical isolation. Our unit prides itself at being a centre of excellence in caring for patients with infectious diseases and by also providing them with the TVs, this has helped their psychological and moral wellbeing. We are therefore really grateful to The Joy Family Charitable Trust in helping us achieve this dream and making it a success from both a patient and clinical perspective”

The remaining donation was used to fund additional certified staff training for five of Elgar Ward’s nurses, helping to enhance the Team’s knowledge of infectious diseases and deepening understanding of how to tackle the health issues of patients who become ill after visiting tropical countries.

Trustee Edward Joy explained the personal reasons why he felt supporting Elgar Ward was so important:

"As a previous patient, I am incredibly grateful to the Elgar Ward and their expertise in managing and treating infectious tropical diseases. It was a pleasure to give something back and to hear from the nurses, doctors and patients how the donations are benefiting the ward.”

Andrew and Caroline echoed Edward’s sentiments, saying that:

“We were delighted to be able to give back to the Elgar Ward. Everybody involved in our son Edward’s recovery was so positive, friendly and professional, and the family wanted to recognise that by giving back. It was the staff’s idea to put TVs in the isolation rooms and also to sponsor tropical disease diplomas for nurses, both of which were excellent ideas! It was lovely to come back and meet some of those involved. Thank you to everyone we met for the warmth of your welcome and appreciation, and for taking time to show us the excellent use being made of our donation.”

LNWH Charity Trusts and Foundation Manager, Geraldine Dammen Kombonglangi said:

“We cannot thank The Joy Family Charitable Trust enough for this wonderfully generous donation that has already had a hugely positive effect on staff and patients and will continue to do so for a long time.”
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