Beautiful Gifts for Premature Babies

Feb 14, 2020

Following the devastating loss of a baby at 26 weeks nearly twenty years ago, local pharmacist Shivali Lakhani has worked to raise awareness of losing a baby, encouraging people to talk openly about their experience, and to seek support where they can.

Shivali joined the ‘Preemie and Angel Babies UK’ Facebook group, an online community of people who knit and crochet various clothing items such as hats, gowns, cardigans and blankets for both stillborn and premature babies.

Shivali was 12 years old when she was first taught how to crochet by her aunt. However, it was not until a year and a half ago that she decided to pick up this skill again in order to create items for premature babies and infants who pass away during pregnancy or soon after birth, sometimes referred to as ‘angel babies’. She has been crocheting for babies ever since.

Shivali explained:

"Since having my angel baby 18 years ago, I have always felt that I wanted to do something. Our facebook group knit and crochet items for angel and premature babies and send to various hospitals in the country. I felt this was a perfect way for me to give back, as it combines my love of crochet with a cause I feel very passionate about".

Shivali wanted to support her local Maternity and Neonatal Units at Northwick Park Hospital and was delighted to hear that our Bereavement Manager, Marva Wilson, was very keen on receiving Shivali’s gifts, which she delivered in person to Marva and her team.

Shivali said:

"The Maternity team have been brilliant with my pregnancies, and the Neonatal team cared for my two premature babies with utmost dedication. It is an honour for me to be able to contribute in this way".

If you would like to support our Maternity and Neonatal Units like Shivali and the Preemie and Angel Babies UK so kindly have, then please donate today

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