Covid-19 Appeal Fund Update

Oct 26, 2021

The Covid-19 Appeal supports LNWH NHS Trust staff health and wellbeing and funds have been used to support staff welfare activity and contribute to gifts and breakroom amenities such as microwaves, furniture and fridges as well buy water, tea, coffee, snacks, fruits, non-perishable items and toiletries.

As well as improving working conditions for Trust staff, funds from the Covid-19 appeal have also been utilised to make the hospital experience better for patients. During the height of the pandemic, LNWH Charity funded 500 comfort and 500 sleep packs, to help patients get rest and sleep after they had non-invasive surgery. Twenty radios were also donated by the charity to ICU patients, so that they could listen to music or news bulletins.

The Covid-19 Appeal fund has also funded infusion pumps to support Critical care ITU, to manage and deliver the service to patients.Infusion pumps are life-saving equipment, which helped to save a number of lives during the acute stages of the pandemic.

The above examples are a snapshot of the difference the Covid-19 Appeal Fund has been able to make to our staff at the Trust and patient care. The charity will continue its mission to support staff health and wellbeing and make further improvements to the patient experience.

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