Finance staff participate in tea trolley rounds

Jan 06, 2022

Finance Executives joined Health and Wellbeing Reps on their trolley rounds at Northwick Park Hospital, on Thursday. The Executives met staff across the hospital site and had the rare opportunity to chat and engage with them.

LNWH Charity helps to fund the tea trolley rounds at Northwick Park, Ealing and Central Middlesex Hospital sites.

David Jenkins, LNWH Charity Director, said:

“Some of the Finance team were unable to join the Christmas tea trolley rounds over the Christmas period, so a decision was taken to organise a Finance Tea Trolley Day instead.

“This has been a great experience and it has given the Finance area the chance to engage with staff they wouldn’t normally see during working hours.

“It has been also been wonderful to hear members of staff comment on how much they appreciate meeting the Health and Wellbeing team on the tea trolley rounds.”

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