New chairs make a positive difference to patient visits

Apr 21, 2022

The generous donations from LNWH NHS Trust Arthritis Centre donors and supporters have made it possible for the Arthritis Centre at NPH to be furnished with several brand new reclining chairs to helping day care patients feel more comfortable whilst receiving their treatments.

The Arthritis Centre usually sees on average 15 patients a day ranging from young adults to elderly. Patients stay an average six hours in the centre and need to feel comfortable as they receive pre-meds and sleep during their appointment.

Dona Gunasekera, Clinical Nurse Manager, said:

“The chairs we had before were too old, didn’t recline and stopped working. We also had problems with the foot rest and brakes not working.

“Our patients are limited in their movement and now we can use the remote on the reclining chairs to improve their mobility.”

Wendy George, Head of Charitable Funds, commented:

“Improving the hospital experience for patients is very important to LNWH charity and this is a great example of how people receiving treatment are able to relax and feel comfortable during their hospital visits.

“It’s very encouraging to hear that patients are already benefitting from the use of the reclining chairs.”

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