New machine improves screening and care of chronic liver disease patients

Jun 08, 2022

State of the art medical equipment has recently been purchased, to transform the way that patients will receive treatment for liver illness.

The fibroscan machine is an advanced non-invasive machine that helps to determine whether a patient has a healthy liver. The machine is also a painless way of assessing the amount of fat in the liver and detect signs of liver scarring or chronic liver disease. Chronic liver diseases may be associated with certain conditions such as diabetes, obesity, or inflammatory bowel diseases.

Dr Laith Al- Rubaiy, Dr Amar Shariff and Dr Meron Jacyna have used funding from charitable funds as well as donations from patients to purchase the fibroscan machine. Help to purchase the fibroscan machine was also received from a generous donation from St Mark’s Hospital Foundation.

Using Fibroscan can save patients having liver biopsy to assess the scarring of the liver. Liver biopsy is an invasive test and may uncommonly lead to complications such as bleeding, damage to other organs or having to be admitted to hospital.

Dr Laith Al -Rubaiy, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist Consultant, said:

“The fibroscan machine is making a significant difference to the way that treatment is delivered to patients with liver concerns.

“Encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and promote liver health is an extremely important professional goal.”

Dr Meron Jacyna, Consultant and Liver Specialist at Northwick Park Hospital:

“The fibroscan machine is a major advance as it’s possible to access a lot of information from the outside of the liver.

“It’s vital because it reduces the discomfort in the biopsy and accessible to patients across all three hospital sites.”

Wendy George, Head of Charitable Funds at LNWH Charity:

“New equipment being purchased for various departments at our hospital sites is a very important part of making patients’ care more comfortable and less painful.

“Our charity is delighted that the fibroscan machine will make a big difference to the treatment of patients with liver conditions.”

Dr Laith Al-Rubaiy is now working with colleagues towards getting a fibroscan machine for Ealing Hospital.

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