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Jun 20, 2022

London Bridges Walk 2022 is almost here and if you are unable to participate in our event and would like to donate, you still can via our dedicated Just giving page.

The funds raised from the London Bridges Walk will go towards further patient environment improvements in Elderly Care Wards.

LNWH Charity Virtual Half Marathon was our last fundraising event (October 2021) and funded the Elderly Care Wards Dayroom at Northwick Park conversion into reminiscent dwellings from 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s era. With your help we would like to raise more funds to complete improvements in that area.

Here are a few examples of comments made by patients about the recently updated reminiscent room:-

“It’s so pretty, it makes me feel calm.”

“It’s so quiet and relaxing, could I stay longer?”

“I don't want to leave to go out there, I like it better here” (when asked to go to ultrasound department)

Wendy George, Head of Charitable Funds at LNWH Charity said:

“LNWH Charity are conscious of how dementia impacts the lives of residents with dementia in our localities and we would like to assist in improving dementia care at LNWH Trust.”

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