Advancing healthcare through vital research

Research has been absolutely essential in enabling significant discoveries in the understanding of diseases and illness, the development of new therapies and treatments, and a remarkable improvement in medical care that has increased our general health and life expectancy.

In fact, every advancement in health care owes its existence to years of painstaking work by physicians, scientists and other medical professionals investigating the causes of, and potential treatments for, the diseases and conditions which affect our health and well-being.

According to figures published by the Association of Medical Research Charities, almost half of all publicly financed medical research is funded by charities, a staggering £1.6bn in 2017 alone.

LNWH Charity supports pioneering and innovative medical research into the cause, prevention and treatment of illnesses. We believe that investing in medical research today helps to shape the health care available tomorrow, helping to improve the lives of future generations.

With your help we can build upon the amazing work that research teams have undertaken at London North West University Healthcare Trust.

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